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Single of the song PRINCESA + the album


Second single of my upcoming album Princesa

Linea de Tiempo

First single of my upcoming album Princesa

Broken Glass Remix

WEREN did a Remix of Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Broken Glass is a single I’ve released with the idea of presenting it in two different way of listening it: our old Stereo Mix or what is new in the music industry and it’s starting to take a role in changing the way we listen to music: Immersive Mix, or Headphone Mix

I’ve recorded all instruments, and worked on the music production, as well as mixing and mastering in Stereo. The headphone mix was done by my friends IAS Immersive Audio Solution


Through a syncrisis between occidental sounds and oriental movements, martial practice can be transformed in a harmonic but yet profound dance where the student faces many aspects of life by getting to keep on going.

Shape of my heart

Cover of the great song Shape of my heart by the unique Sting which I re arranged, played, recorded, and mixed. The master was done by Fer Richard.
This is my tribute to the song that made my start playing the guitar.